Monday, 2 November 2015

Just wait until everything comes into place!

Street photography is about wanderlust, Taoism and hunting at the same time. You just walk through the streets and look for something interesting to happen (but don´t force it and lower your expectations!). Maybe you stop by a nice setting in the right light and you set your camera right. And now you wait like a hunter for the right subject to enter the frame. I love this moment when everything gets magically arranged for you.

blue/red - XPRO1 35mm @ f1.4 (1/160, ISO500)

Then you take a series of shots to get the right alignment between the subject and it´s environment. The shot above was a quick one. A whole family was walking on a small walkway that was not suitable for pedestrians. I walked a bit quicker to separate the red girl from the rest of the group and to set the camera right. The blue containers, the fence, the trees in front of that white wall caught my attention. The photo is full of lines and two strong colors. And from this angle it looks very 2D-ish like a diorama. And the fence is like a tv-screen with the trees behind it.

This is what I love about street photography!

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