Sunday, 22 November 2015


The small title of this blogpost is a good example for reduction. In photography the creativity decreases with to many possible options. Just look at your lens-park.

How many lenses do you call your own? How many of them do you carry with you on a trip outside? Do you try to cover all possibilities? To many choices can lead to an endless road of doubt.

Do you find yourself in these quotes?

"I need a wider lens for that" - try a different technique like a (Brenizer) panorama or go into the details

"The lens can´t handle flare" - use the flare as a visual element in your photos

"I need telephoto lens for this portait"  - try to be creative with a wide angle lens and use the surrounding environment to put your subject into the right light

a wide angle portrait that covers the whole thing - 18mm
If you try to be prepared for every situation you end up carrying a heavy bag full of stuff. But creativity is the result of constraint that helps you thinking outside the box.

a panorama made with the 35mm 1.4 prime
This is what I like about my X100s. This camera has a built in 23mm lens and that´s all! I don´t own the two available converters. The options are limited so you have to move to get things into frame. Sometimes I use the panorama-trick to gain more angle (don´t only think about panoramas as a vertical-only...look here). You just have to construct the photo in your head first and then try to archive this goal with the limited possibilities. That will trigger your work-around-creativity!

Try to be simple and set some limits and then see how the universe does the rest! ;-)

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