Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Should street photography be "in your face"? Frontal or not?

It is a matter of style and your personal taste. Cultural differences or law can also be a reason for not being as offensive as a Bruce Gilden. For me it is more a matter of how the things are offered to me by life. As a little taoist I don´t like to force things to much. I love when everything comes into place the right time. You just have to be there.

And I love people who get lost in things like architecture, a crowd or with their mobile phone in front of their nose. If someone tells you how street photography should look like this or anything else and you have to follow rules, just forget about it. Yes. There are photos out there that don´t belong to street photography. But we all know what the inner core is. Just feel free to express yourself. Don´t try to be someone else. Don´t try to copy a certain style. Just play with all the possibilities the world of photography is offering to you.

Try to find your own style and the things you like. And if there are just a few people out there looking at your photos: don´t even care about it. From the technical point of view you can always learn something new and get better. But the contents of a photo should remain as a matter of your personal taste.

Enjoy some photos of people who are busy on or with something. The have so many different meanings. And you can´t see a full face in this photos...so for me street photography don´t has to be frontal (but I like that style when I see in other photographs).

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