Tuesday, 5 January 2016

X-Pro2 - my opinions about the leaked specs

No. I don´t want to repeat leaked information here to brush up my blog. ;-)

The question is if Fuji is on the right track with their successor of the X-Pro1. I recently wrote an article about this upcoming new camera that may appear on the market this month. I said that it is important to improve the core components like auto focus and image processor to satisfy the most photographers out there. And it seems that Fuji is doing the right thing. 

Here are some of the leaked features that are interesting for me:

– The fastest shutter mechanical shutter 1/8000 seconds, electronic shutter 1/32000 seconds
– Intelligent hybrid phase difference AF. AF point is 273 points
– Image processing engine X Processor Pro
The most important thing is speed in terms of shutter, focus and time-write-to-card. The X-Pro1 is terribly slow in saving images to the SD card and the auto focus system either.

– Faster than has been AF, low noise, excellent color reproduction
It is also important to focus more on the image quality and color reproduction. Because a lot of photographers (including me) love the organic look of the X-Trans1 sensor over the results of its successor in newer models. I hope Fuji did it right.
That rumored joystick will turn this camera into a real pro tool. There are many portrait photographers (weddings, reportage etc.) out there who will enjoy this dedicated control for easier and faster focus point selection.

– Dual SD Card slot (UHS-II compatible)
A dual SD card slot will make the pros also happy to prevent the loss of important data.

– Magnification automatic switching function equipped with advanced hybrid multi viewfinder
As a big fan of the OVF I am glad that Fuji put some effort behind it. An intelligent focusing aid would be great in manual mode or with other lenses that require that. I use my X-Pro1 mainly in OVF mode.

– Body of lightweight magnesium alloy. Dust and water specification
Great job Fuji. This also makes it a pro tool!

– Wi-Fi remote shooting
As expected to catch up with the other models. I love that feature of my X-T1 when I am on vacation.

– Exposure compensation +/- 5 stage
Well done. I am a heavy user when it comes to this handy dial.

But all of the above data is just pure speculation a should be taken with a grain of salt. Don´t be a victim of G.A.S. and use your older camera to snap some great photos.



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