Monday, 8 June 2015

X-PRO1 accessories

A look into my inbox and the heartbeat gets stronger. My new strap and shutter-release-button are ready to brush up my newest addition to the Fuji-park.

Red is my favorite color. So I ordered a red strap and button. For the strap I´ve choosen the Artisan & Artist RedLabel. It is very bold in width but soft at the same time. It feels great around the neck. And it also has a little holder for a lens-cap. What a great idea. I hate to put the lens-cap into my pockets or back into the photo-bag. With this strap you have it right where you need it.

Red fits perfectly to this black beauty for my taste. What kind of strap, button or case are you using? And what kind of lens-hood should I use? Is there a better one than the one from Fuji?

You will find more information about this wonderful strap here. It is not a sponsored link. I don´t want to make money from this blog. It is a link to the manufacturer (no shop).

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