Friday, 29 January 2016

You don't have enough time? Just switch the off the damn tv-set!

There are many people out there complaining about having not enough time to do the things they love. But many of them are still watching 2-5 hours (!) of tv every day or sitting in front of their computers playing never ending games (they call it worlds). If you hear a rushing noise in the background it will come from your precious time that is running down the drain. Don't forget: live is short!

glue the holstee manifesto to your wall!
There are so many ways (even from a viewpoint of a photographer) to gain more time. One big thing is to say goodbye to your career. Because with more success comes more responsibility, more work and less spare time for your enjoyment. If work is the thing you do to pay the rent (some are in the lucky position to have a job that meet their full satisfaction) then you should spent there as less time as possible. If you have a shitty job that is hell on earth then quit now! Life is about the things that make your heart bump and inspire you to do or explore new and creative things. Don't waste your time until you are too old without the chance to turn back the wheel of time. And it doesn't matter if you live in a luxury flat with a fantastic car in the garage. You can own millions of dollars and still feel regretful, uninspired and lonely.

So free some time and do what you!



PS: Eric Kim also had a great idea. Just get up earlier than usual and enjoy some time to read, edit your photos or something else. Break you daily routing and try something different.

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