Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Street photography and the inner soundtrack

I always had music on my mind. I grew up with Pink Floyd and Neil Diamond on the stereo in the seventies and my grandpa delighted me with Mozart and Bach. And today I am a vinyl lover who likes to enjoy many kinds of music without skipping randomly chosen mp3 tracks. I lean back and try to dive into the whole concept of the album enjoying the many details hidden inside each track. Even when I'm sitting in a train or walking through the streets with my camera I have a little soundtrack in my ears without wearing a headphone. The music is just there guiding me through my life.

I do it without thinking about it. I always like to create an inner soundtrack that reflects the mood and the scenery. You feel like a leave carried by the wind to random directions. You just follow that path with open eyes and maybe there is something happening that attracts your eyes and meet your inner soundtrack...click...done!

This would perfectly describe how I feel when I am walking around with the camera hanging around my neck. I don't wait for something to happen anymore. If you go out to take a great photo you are too fixated on capturing a great moment and you may loose all the other great aspects and details of the things going on around you. Expect nothing and get surprised. Even when you meet with other photographers you should focus more on having a good coffee and a great talk than capturing a great image. You can't force it and the whole group will end up as a photo hunting gang missing an opportunity to exchange thoughts and views.

How about you? Do you have an inner soundtrack that plays in the background when you are in the streets?



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