Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Use the optical viewfinder

When you ask photographers who are using old rangefinder cameras and what is so special about using them they will respond that you can see the things coming into frame what gives them a better aid to release the shutter at the decisive moment.

This is why Fuji is doing the right thing (in my opinion) with the X-PRO and X100 models. They have a hybrid viewfinder where you can choose from looking straight through the glass or the sensor with just one flick of a switch. With the optical viewfinder you have a great composition aid when you shoot reportage or street photography. There is no lagging or other disturbing things between your eye and the scene in front of the lens. You see frame-lines that help you composing your shot. You can see people, cars or whatever moving in and out of the frame waiting for right moment.

I don't think that the OVF is some kind of a retro-thing like many people say. I think it is a serious way of helping you getting better photos in certain situations with a well established technology of looking through the optical viewfinder of your camera. I think this is why rangefinder cameras are still on top of the list of many photographers. It is more about the framing and not the focussing system.



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