Saturday, 14 May 2016

My lastest project: tourists

When you leave the plane or train in a foreign country to explore people, culture, arts and architecture you become a tourist. Maybe you just want to take a photo of yourself to document that you have visited a certain place or for your friends following you on social media. Tourist come in groups, couples or alone with a huge backpack. What they all have in common is their aim to get some unforgettable memories far away from home.

After looking at tourists I started to take photos of them real close to separate them from the place they are standing in to capture their emotions and gestures. The result is a fascinating insight into a world where people act like children in a positive way. They do silly things and climb on statues or take selfies in a sacred place like a church. Look at all the joy on their faces and compare that with the modern world full of hard work and less time we are all living in.

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