Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Camp and wait for the inspiration

Street photography is not only about the people. For me it is about the combination of time, place and people. Sometimes you walk by a a interesting place and stay there and work the scene by finding the right angle, light or other things that reflect the scene like you see it (yes, we are manipulators and nothing is real!).

I start to play around with the settings of my camera. I try to be a child again and just shoot away some photos trying to shut down my brain (meditating). Let the surroundings become your feedback. Maybe you are photographing people in a subway station and you notice that every five minutes there are people running into your field of view to catch a certain train. So you can use this information to create two different shots out of it. Maybe you want to blur or freeze the motion by changing the shutter speed. I always try to let the ideas come to me. I don't want to fall into a scheme and pay attention to every small detail.

Trust me, there are so many things going on in a minute and you have a mysterious tool in your hand that can take a slice out of a single decisive moment and freeze it in time. Have you ever thought about that?



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