Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Always be ready with zone focusing!

My camera is always set to a distance between 2,5 and 5 meters and an aperture of 8.0 (Auto ISO turned on). From time to time I turn the shutter dial to match the situation (between 125 and 1000). For most situations the camera is ready to take a photo instantly having everything in focus. There are so many things that are suddenly appear in front of your eyes and most of the times there is no time left to make various settings and get the focus right. The composition and the right moment are enough work to do in such a short time-frame.

Segways are nearly noiseless and the was a whole group of fancy dressed men passing by. This was the only usable photo I got in that split second.

With this setup you can react very fast and it is easy to set the camera back to auto focus or other settings. Remember how good it feels when you hang your camera around your neck ready for action. When you own a camera with simple dials like the Fuji X100s, you can set aperture and shutter-speed without turning the whole camera on and go into the menu. This is simple and great and you are in full control of what your are doing.

Every time I take my camera out of my messenger bag I check the settings. Do you work the same way? Just let me know in the comments.



PS: Also read my article about the OVF.

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