Thursday, 23 January 2020

Hamburg Street Photography with my new GFX 50R

Yesterday I've decided to take my new medium format tool with me and take some photos after work in Hamburg city. In winter times it gets too dark too fast, the perfect setup to test the low light qualities of the camera.

The shot on the right was the result of a quick and dirty one second exposure at ISO 100 using a handrail on a bridge as a tripod. The level of detail is stunning and I am curious to reach deeper into the world of many pixels to squeeze out more details.

I also discovered that some handheld images can catch a like shake if you can't hold the camera still enough, but the pixel density helps you out when it comes to cropping the whole image down to a smaller format. The resulting image still look tack sharp.

The 63mm 2.8 performs well in low light situations. It would be even better if Fuji would have integrated OIS, but even without this technology you can get great results. My plan  is to get some faster lenses in future. There is an adapter for canon lenses out there that also supports autofocus. That means you can buy cheaper and faster lenses to work with. There are some videos on Youtube regarding this adapter. Just search for it. I am not the type of guy who is sponsored. So there is no name dropping to sell something ;-)

The autofocus was more reliable in dimly lit situations than I thought. Maybe Fuji will optimize the autofocus some more with future updates. For me there was no real showstopper.

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