Monday, 22 June 2015

A sunday photowalk with a great surprise at the end

Yesterday was fantastic. The sky was overcast so I had perfect light. It was warm enough to feel comfortable and I walked just across the city without a destination. My entry point was the warehouse district (Speicherstadt) were I took this shot after waiting for something good happening at the long end of the bridge. And it happened!

The I decided to head over to St. Pauli by and then Karolinenviertel that is very close to St. Pauli. There is a place called Schlachthof (sloughterhouse). At the backyard I met a funny guy. I saw him and he asked me to take a photo of him. He had a bit of rest-alcohol in his veins. He smiled at me and I decided to take some photos. After taking the first shot I asked him to stand up. So he did and opened his jacket and showed me the little sock he pulled over his knob. I instantly laughed and he smiled back. What a crazy guy. Then we talked about the musical genius Michael Jackson and I gave him my card so he can see the photos online (if he remembers).

You will find more photos on my 500.px account.

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