Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Fuji should release a medium format camera?

A hot topic for all Fuji-Fanatics out there (look here / fujirumors). I would buy one (if I had so much money). But in most cases you don´t need to. Because there is a great way to get the same look (and even more) without the need of a new device.

You can use the Brenizer method to archive the medium format look. That means that you use your lens with wide open aperture to create a shallow depth of field. And then your took some surrounding images and stitch them together to get a wider field of view.

Brenizer goes Schwerin castle-park! (x-t1 with the 60mm at 2.4 / 4 images stiched in Lightroom 6)
I love this technique. It creates this unique look. When you crop the photo to 1:1-format the illusion is perfect. And the resulting photo has a lot of detail because the pixelcount will raise after the images are glued together. That is perfect for large format prints. I will test that in future.

This is one of the many benefits (more me) to shot digital. You can do things like this in minutes. This gives you more options when you are shooting in the field.

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