Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My x-pro1 has just arrived...

the x-pro1
UPS hit the doorstep this day and now I´am a proud owner of a Fuji x-pro1. And yes, this camera is from 2012. It should be sluggish without the newest functions, blah blah blah. I don´t care about that. In the last blogpost I wrote about my cheap Ricoh 500GX rangefinder that produced great images in the streets. I bought it on ebay for the price of two beers and a some french fries. Some functions can come in handy, but they are not producing better images. And the sensor is still the same as in my x100s or x-t1. So the quality of the resulting images should remain the same. Only the autofocus is slower. But in the streets I use zone focussing and I don´t do sports photography. And I would use the x-t1 for that kind of photos.

I´ve updated the firmware to the newest release (3.40) and made all the settings I need out there in the wild (no beep noises, raw, auto-ISO etc.). Now I wait for the leather case to arrive. This is great when you want to carry your Fuji without the need of a photo-bag. Just put the camera in the case and throw it into your whatever or hang the whole thing around your shoulder.

I think it is the perfect companion even if you own a x-t1 (like I do). It is also perfect for assignments where you need to different focal lengths at the same time (like most wedding photographers do). And you can invite a fried or your wife to shot with you. The x-pro1 is a great bargain at the moment.You can purchase this great camera for about 500 Euros at the moment.

I keep you updated about my future experiences...

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