Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pimp my X100s

Today my new strap and shutter-release-button have arrived! My X100s definitely needs some extra magic to make it look more personal. If you use your camera often it becomes a part of you. ;-)

I have chosen an Artisan & Artist RED LABEL in red/greed made of acrylic fabric and a very tiny amount of leather (I try to keep this little because I am a raw vegetarian). And I ordered my favorite red aluminum shutter-button again. The strap also has a little Velcro covered lens-cap-holder that comes in very handy. You can also use it to hold other things like the lens hood etc.

So you never gonna miss an important part of your equipment lost in your bag. 

BTW: I don´t get paid by Artisan & Artist. I just looked for nice straps without too much leather and vivid colors. And this extra feature to store your lens-cap or other little things made me buy this one.

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