Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The right camera bag

Back in my Nikon-days I bought me a Crumpler backpack to store all that heavy stuff in it. I still own this bag. It´s great to carry your whole lens-park and stuff for bigger adventures. But for every day use I am more the messenger-bag type of guy. I own a classic crumpler bag that goes everywhere with me. I can throw my x100s (in its leather case) into it and everything is fine.

But for my other cameras I like to have a bag that is made for storing lenses etc. So I did some testing by shopping a Matin ballade bag. This bag is a cheaper copy of the retrospective-thinktank-series and was a little disappointment for me. The canvas with that zipper on the back was a bit aggressive to my clothes and the whole bag looks very used after only one year of normal use.

What I need is a nylon-messenger-bag that is made for camera-use. And I found a promising one (also) at Artist & Artisan (no sponsoring!) here. You can use this one as a simple messenger-bag. There is an option to enlarge the bag and put a camera compartment-unit into it. Sound very flexible for me.

I wanna give this one a try and write about my experiences. Do you have recommendation for me? What kind of bag are you using?

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