Friday, 17 July 2015

A 1000000000000 photos on sale

Can you stand this Mavericks like wave of images for sale? It is all about selling and buying. Good photos are used by the industry to sell their things every day. The new instagram-killer has a business-model that is based on licensing your photos to companies around the world. That sounds good in the first place. But it kills the prices for people who live from photography. And big players adapt every fresh style from the streets to sell their (sometimes disgusting) stuff. Would you like to see the work of Henry Catier Bresson on a Volkswagen ad in the streets? And think about the money the instagram-founders got from facebook in relation the money you can ear by selling your photos (maybe to Mercedes).

The same goes with other successful platforms. And your photo will cost just 20-200 dollars for stock customers? Every image. For a little business or a giant campaign!

I believe that a well produced photo is a hundred (million) times better than stock. Imagine all that smiling faces with a headset attached beside every hotline number. There is no relation to your company and what you are doing. There is no linked creativity. It is the same thing like going to a cheap fast food restaurant without any soul and eating in a good restaurant with a personal touch enjoying good service. If your photos are good, customers will appreciate that and pay for them. Don´t offer stock photos. Try to help your customer in developing or following a visual language. Show how good craftmanship and art can produce great results.

Don´t let serious photography go the wrong way and stay out of this mass business...

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