Thursday, 2 July 2015

Draw your cam!

Sometimes you need to be quick. Really quick. There are situations that change in seconds. So you just have one to three seconds to raise the camera to your eyes and take the photo. The photo in this blogpost is one of this "quick shots". I was walking down the street with my wife as I saw people moving behind this door with shatterproof glass. So I raised the camera quickly to my eyes and took this shot. The camera was pre-configured to a zone-focusing-distance of 3 to 8 meters. I always switch the camera on with my pointing finger when I grab the camera with my right hand. The power-on-time of the X100s is fast enough to be ready.
It looks like he is noticing me. Maybe he had a sense of being watched by someone else. The sunglasses are perfect because they are adding some mystery to the scene. A thousand possible stories told in one frame.

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