Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Look at the slow side of life

Life is fast and stressful. The pace is going faster and faster. Every day something new is happening. Your actual photos are just yesterdays news. It is about hunting for new images!

green relief
If you follow that road you will feel stuffed some day like someone in an "all you can eat" restaurant. Slow down. Try to catch the slowness of things. The nature-break in architecture. Beauty in ugliness. Or just something funny. Because art is also about a (your) different viewing angle on things we do every day. Art can make us think about life.

behind the horse
Most people are way too busy. Think about photography as a kind of meditation that slows you down. It gives you the ability to be an observer of the things that are going on in front of you and your camera. You can decide what to show to the eyes of the viewer. You can dig out all the forgotten things. The background of the scene or just the simple beauty in it. You are the storyteller...

still open

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