Tuesday, 21 July 2015

the X-PRO2

UPDATE: Don´t miss my newer arcticle about the XPRO2 and GAS

How should this camera look like? Fuji has a tough job. Because the actual owners of this cam (like me) love it because of it´s design, the form-factor and that hard to explain portion of fairy-dust. The pressure is high. The successor of this photographic tool must be outstanding and godlike! Really?

Not for me. I have a short list that would make me happy:
  1. newer sensor (foveon II) like the one in the X-T1 (more dynamic range)
  2. faster processor and write speeds
  3. sd-card-slot not at the bottom of the camera
  4. evf of the X-T1
  5. up to date phase-autofocus

  6. an option for street shooters to lock the manual focus for zone focussing!
This is what I expect for an update. Nothing spectacular. I think this camera will be perfect with up-to-date specs. I know that there are thousands of wishes on the list like "put the button here or there" or "give us a 1.3 size sensor", but this is not important for me. You can´t design the perfect camera. There is always something to complain about. I can live with that.

So if you listen Fuji: Maybe you decide to do a super-duper camera for the "club expensive" and just an X-PRO1s for people like me who are easily satisfied with a little overhaul of this fine little tool.

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