Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Club 27 (my newest addition to my lens-park)

Last week I bought the Fujinon 27mm prime to add more super slim primes to my rack. The 18mm was my low profile champion but it is a bit too wide in some situations. The 27mm fills the gap for me. Before I bought it I did some research on this little glass. Most reviews said that this lens is excellent in terms of resolution, sharpness and contrast. The focus should also be quite fast and reliable. So let´s see how this lens does the job in real life.

27mm @ f4 in action in the streets
As a mainly street shooter I tried how this lens (attached to my x-pro1) will perform in the jungle. The photo above was tweaked a bit in lightroom (contrast, colors). But the colors, the contrast and the detail of the stickers on the gate were awesome as the unedited raw popped up in from to my eyes. The motion blur of the pedestrians was on purpose. I like how 3D the image looks. The girl really pops out of the scene.

27mm @ f4 / resolution test
Does this lens deliver a good resolution for a pancake-prime? Yes indeed. It does a beautiful job and will satisfy all the pixel-peepers out there!

At night I had the chance to take a photo of Hamburg in a crystal clear night. I had to put the camera on a wall to shoot this photo without a tripod. Look at the colors and the beautiful contrast and sharpness from edge to edge (and remember that it is just a quick-shot).

27mm @ f13 / Hamburg at night
This lens is a great deal. You get a versatile and handy little low-profile-pancake with a stunning image quality. It is great in the streets and will also work in many other situations. For 300 Euros it is a real bargain compared to the other Fuji primes.

A grain of salt? Yes...the focus motor is a bit noisy and there is no lens-hood for better protection in the streets (just a small one). But these are just minor issues for me.

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