Monday, 5 October 2015

27...go to heaven!

Some posts ago I shared my first experiences with the Fujinon 27mm. One of the cheapest and flattest lenses they offer today. And I´am still satisfied with this little beast with that sharp teeth. On my X-PRO1 it transforms this camera into a slightly bigger X100s/t with the ability to change lenses. The shutter is a bit nosier. But in most situations I don´t care (for the exceptions I have my trusty X100s).

going down / X-PRO1 @ f2.8 (ISO 1600)
Look at the colors and the structure of the tiles in the background of the shot above. The whole photo has this crisp 3Dish look I love so much. It fits perfectly into this situation full of lines and different materials and colors.

This image is also a quickshot into the sky. The color rendition and sharpness of this lens is outstanding. Something I wish I had on my DSLR back in the Nikon days for such a low price. So buy this lens if you need a high quality low profile lens for about 300 Euros.

You won´t regret it!

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