Monday, 12 October 2015

GAS and the high expectations on the X-PRO 2

If you touch your new camera it will be the tool from yesterday. The life-span of a digital camera is very short compared to it´s older analog mates from the past. I remember my dads camera. It was a Minolta XD-7. A great piece of photographic equipment made in cooperation with Leica in the early seventies. This camera was so durable and well built that it sill works like a Swiss clock today. Even the self-timer purrs like a cat. This camera had only one piece of electronics in it: a center weighted light-meter that did the job most of the time. There are also hundreds of lenses and other stuff available for this camera.
You can still grab this cam today and take some awesome shots out there in the wilderness of the jungle we call life. A real long term invest, isn´t it?

Today we buy a digital camera with way more features and the ability to get instant access to your photos without the whole chemical process in between. You have also more flexibility when it comes to panoramas and long exposure photography because you have more control over the results. But do we need a newer cam every two or three years? But on website x or y they said it is the hottest shit since sliced bread. Faster, better and way better than the old crap! But the is no button for the perfect photo included?

Just take a step back and think about it. Maybe you spend the money on a better lens or go on vacation to explore other places. Don´t step into this GAS-trap. You end up in a game where you are never feeling fully satisfied. Think of the TAO/Philopsophy that lies in photography (here).

When it comes to the speculations on rumor-sites about the new X-PRO2 I stay calm. 

  • Does it have a new organic sensor? Because Sony...
  • Will it have an SD-slot sideways and not on the bottom? Because I don´t have this 20 extra seconds to fiddle this out...
  • Is there a funny led-light on the back that flashes when the decisive moment is right? Woahh! ;-)

Some days ago I wrote a blog-entry about the features I would like to see in this thing. And don´t get me wrong. The evolution of things is useful. But it doesn´t make a better photographer out of me and you. So take the mental rocket into the orbit and look back on your life and the things that are surrounding you. Take some time. Because time is on your side. There is no urgency when it comes to GAS.

Stay calm and go shooting!

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