Wednesday, 7 October 2015

TAO photography

I´am thinking about life since I was eleven or twelve. I asked myself about the whole universe we live in and what is it good for. Philosophy can help us in many cases where science can´t. Some years ago I discovered Taoism. The poems Laotse wrote down more than two thousand years ago. There is a great book from Wayne Dyer that translate the poems into our time and gives some more information how to use them to think for yourself.

Taoism in it´s pure form means that you don´t need to interfere and do things all the time. Most of the time it is great to lean back and get into the viewers position. From this point the important words or things come to you.

For me street photography includes the highest forms of the TAO. Imagine the days were you don´t want to talk to people and be like a ghost flying around the streets without expecting something specific happen. You get away from the drivers seat and sit by the window, enjoying the drive. The more you watch the scene the more your creativity is triggered. You press the button and decide which slice you cut. And by becoming a part of the scene without being a part of the scene you live the TAO close to perfection. Time becomes meaningless and the things you see every day look different from this timeless bubble.

So next time you go out with your camera just do a little step back and be more of viewer than a bold photographer. This will help you losing that strong focus and the pressure of life that surrounds you.


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