Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The advantage of being stealth

Nearly 80% of the time I carry my X100s with me. It sits in my bag, ready for action. I was at a fancy restaurant with my wife and a friend because they just wanted to see it from the inside. As they studied the menu cards I saw a guy with a US flag on his back waiting for his meal. There where two people at the service desk at the entrance looking up the whole place. So I got in between the subject and the desk grabbing my camera inside the bag. After some little switches I raised the cam to my eye to took this shot:

USA - X100s 1/30 @ f2 (3200ISO)
He was looking into the kitchen. I love the light that is shining on his face and the tiny little reflection on the right window tile. The glossy table in the foreground is also nice and knife, fork and napkin are telling you that this photo was taken in a restaurant.

Without a stealth and small camera this photo were nearly impossible without getting notices by other guest or the personnel. Also the shutter sound is not noticeable in such a environment thank to the ultra silent leaf-shutter of the X100s.

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