Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Why is Fuji still alone with its X100 models?

Leica was and is still in the game. But let us sort this company out. They are the role model for rangefinder cameras. But who else is doing such a cam except Fuji? No one. I can´t understand it, because other brands also had great products in the past.

Imagine the great Canonet series from Canon. The Canonet 28 was a well built rangefinder model that has a lot of fans still using and collecting this little precious today. This camera is awesome and it would be easy to substitute the rewind-button with a shutter-dial and do some other modifications without ruining the original design of the whole thing. I would also hide the display on the back (make it flip-able) and cut away the movie-mode and other non-sense a simple camera does not need. It also should not have an EVF for the real rangefinder experience. You can use the screen on the back for such things.

The lens should be a 23mm @ f1.8 or f2.0 with integrated leaf-shutter. The whole cam should be simple to use like the original and the pricetag should be in a range of 500-600 dollar (because the camera comes without the stuff real photographers in the streets don´t need).

Canon could do that (c´mon!). But they prefer to launch smaller mirrorless cameras without a soul every year (for my taste) that claim to be cool or great for shooting in the streets. Hey Canon: look back at the days of metal and (fake)leather and do something great again. I would help you on that. If there is more competition this growing market the customers have more choice to express their creativity. Don´t let Fuji look like they are all alone in a universe where Leica is like the sun and planet Fuji is orbiting in an empty solar system.

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