Monday, 23 November 2015

A perfect example for constraint

In my last article (reduce) I said that constraint is a good way to boost your creativity. I had such a great opportunity today to prove this theory. I left my camera at home in the morning heading to work. On my way to the company I saw a beautiful blue sky dipped in a red sunrise. Later that day, I was sitting at my desk, my wife sent me a text message stating that the weather is just too good to drive directly home and we should me at a nice place to have a beer. Yes...the weather was awesome today!

This is one of the weekdays I have an early end of work. So I had some spare time around the place where we gonna meet later on. I was a bit disappointed without my camera in my bag. But then I grabbed my mobile phone and took some photos without thinking about them too much. After that I was sitting at the pub doing some retouching. The final images are just the result of some extra time without one of my Fuji cameras.

These are my favorites:

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