Thursday, 26 November 2015

Fear stops you from doing great things

In the past I was a shy guy who had problems to look into other peoples eyes or giving hands. The first breakthrough in beating the shyness was a bunch of new friends I met on a camping vacation. We started with skateboarding together and my self confidence was growing every day a bit more.

Looking back on this transformation shows me how fear is holding you back from doing inspirational and great things. It is like standing in front of a closed door and don´t know how to operate the handle. You can open the door. But the fear from doing something wrong holds you back.

feeling like behind a wall? a wall built by you...
Even in terms of photography there are many fears:

My work is bad. I am not a good photographer!

Other people are better than me!

I want to take a portrait of strangers but I fear rejection!

There are thousands of fears. But trust me. It is worth to fight them step by step. If in your eyes your work is not good enough, try to get in contact with other photographers. Maybe they have the time for some honest critique. Buy yourself some books of great photographers to get some inspiration about the different styles of photography. When another photographers is getting more views than you and is more successful, don´t worry. I doesn´t mean that your photos are crap. Maybe he is doing more networking (very important) behind the scenes or is in the lucky position the meet the actual Zeitgeist. If you think that something is wrong with your portfolio than try to change it. Play with different styles. Maybe you are on the wrong road. There are so many ways to get new inspiration and get off the old track. Don´t think that life is a one-way-road. Just do it.

If want to take portraits of strangers in the streets but you are way too shy? Try it with people you know. And then with friends of them. You may end up with strangers feeling more save and experienced. Do it step by step. There is no need to change your life overnight.

Fear holds us back from living the life we want to live. Don´t get old and regret all the things you have not done. Start today with the life you desire.

Step by step!

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