Monday, 30 November 2015

Have a coffee and watch the stream

Sometimes I think street photography is the thing I do around the coffee breaks (like Eric Kim does). I am really into third wave coffee and the whole concept of the (slow) coffee house culture. You can sit down and enjoy a wonderful cup of Ethiopian coffee with its rich peach like taste and let life pass by the window. People entering and leaving the room. Lean back and listen to your inner voice. Let things go and try to be an observer.

have a book & a coffee - X100s (f/2.8 1/125 23mm ISO 640)
Maybe there is a opportunity for a great photo...or not. Maybe you can chat with a stranger or just read a book or write an article about someone writing an article. Don´t expect something. I love to have a break from the carousel of life. Maybe you develop a new idea out of this idle-vacuum. Inspiration is always waiting behind the next door, but can´t force it to be there.

What are you doing to escape the wheel? Just let me know...

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