Friday, 13 November 2015

Is social media important to boost your fame?

all alone...
Not really. I just opened an account on twitter after quitting a long time ago (but I will never be on facebook etc. again). I did it to stay in contact with other great people and resources who share great things. I also try to use it as a diary to push the things out I love and to have something to look back in time (I love to do this).

And I also love to push the art and ideas of other people. Because in taoism the whole universe has a meaning and we are not alone in the world of the ten thousand things. It is not only about yourself. It would be a boring life without all the inspiration and beautiful things around you. I don´t want to try to get attention for the price of starring all the time on illuminated displays and lose some great experiences in the real world just for having more clicks.

I try to reduce this kind of communication to a level that makes me (and maybe others) feel good. Just share your thoughts and try to meet in real life. This is the real deal. The ultimate experience that leads to better skills or whatever your goal is.

You can feel lonely with a thousand followers on your list.

You also want to read this great article by Eric Kim about this topic:

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