Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The constant joy of using the X-PRO1

I jumped on the Fuji train with the X100 in late 2012. Later I ditched my whole Nikon rack for an X-E1 with the 35mm 1.4. Later on I bought some new lenses and replaced the X100 and the X-E1 with the X100s and the X-T1. But I always was in love with the X-PRO1 (but it was too expensive). The look and feel just hit my nerves. So one day I noticed this massive price-drop. The price for this little piece of photographic equipment went down to about 500 Euros without a lens. Hooray!

that organic look from the x-trans1
 I can´t hold myself back and bought this older model. I will never regret it. This camera works like a charm and is still my favorite camera out in the streets if I want more flexibility with different focal lengths. It is heavy as brick and is so well build (despite the battery-door). The shutter sound is subtle and the OVF is great for working with zone focusing without an electronic display in between.

look at the colors
I can still say that this camera makes me happy. Even with the slow auto-focus and the laggy EVF. And the first generation X-TRANS sensor delivers great organic images with that film-like look.

I hope Fuji will satisfy their customers with the new version of this great camera next year without loosing the spirit that lays inside this tool.

So keep your fingers crossed!

PS: I don´t buy the X-PRO2 when it´s released and I explained here why.


  1. Nice blog. I too had "downgrade" back to the XPro-1 recently from XE-2 due to the sale. Love the simplicity of this camera.

    1. Yes. The secret of the success of this camera-type is not only the mirrorless form factor. Here are working two great things together. Fuji did at the right time and created a near perfect camera for people like us. And the next model will be with up to date viewfinder and fast autofocus. So there will be no real flaw.