Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The right strap for your camera

No. I don´t want to talk about certain brands and give you some affiliate-links to follow. If you are new this topic I want to share some thoughts about three different techniques you can use to have your camera always ready for action.

There are three simple ways to use a strap to protect your precious tool and have it where you need it:

1. around your neck: most bigger cameras are used this way

2. around neck and shoulder: you need a longer strap to do this

3. a wrist-strap: good if you like to hold your cam always in your hand

I personally prefer variant two. I love to have my cam hanging at the waist area. I don´t want to have that bulky thing hanging in front of my chest. I never understood why camera manufacturers and many photographers like it that way? I love to grab my camera with my right hand and switch it on (the power-switch is mostly on the right) while dragging the whole thing to my eyes. It looks better and in packed situations or light rain you can cover the camera with your jacket without looking like a tourist. Make sure to put a lens-hood on to protect the lens from scratches.

The wrist-strap is good for people who like to hold the camera always in their hands. It gives you a lot of freedom and protects the camera from falling into a river or on the feet of your street-victims.

There are a lot of materials available on the market. As a raw food vegetarian I love to use canvas-straps without any real leather. There are also a lot of leather-only variants on the market. But bear in mind that most leather products may contain some cancerous chrome based chemicals (use google to get more information about this). So I want my neck free from any chemicals.

The best way to find the right strap for you is to go out to a real camera store and try some. A good looking strap may also add some color and style to your cam and adds a personal note.

cam & strap in one photo together! ;-)

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