Monday, 14 December 2015

Business cards - even if you don´t run a business

Business cards are great. I wrote a little article some time ago about this topic and as I mentioned before your should always have them with you.

I just ordered some new ones from a well known print service. Because I discovered that they are cheap (I did some hand made before). You get 100(!) cards for under 15 Euros. And they come double sided and (if you wish) on recycled paper. Come on. That´s not expensive. Not for someone who owns a camera and some lenses today.

my actual design
For the design I decided to chose a simple street shot that reflects what street photography is all about: people in a certain situation or environment etc. On the back of my card you will find links to my portfolio, 500px and my email. This is enough information for everyone to find their own photo or just get in contact with me.

I don´t want to stuff the card with more information like twitter, my mobile number, quotes or other distracting things and 500px is good to keep my actual stream of photos separated from my well chosen portfolio.

It looks always more professional and saves a lot of time, even if you don´t do this for a living

Just start with your own business card now (this could the right time and place for an affiliate link? Well? Haha...but not in my world!)

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