Monday, 7 December 2015

Should I join a photowalk?

Photowalks can be fun and you meet some other photographers. But I don´t take them too important in terms of creativity etc. Sometimes it is nice to hang around with some other guys who are interested in taking images as you do. But I don´t go often to such events because there is too much tech-talk going on. If the group is larger than ten people it is nearly impossible to do something together. It also looks a bit weird when larger groups invade public places with their gear. That could piss off other people and you loose that stealth bonus.

a photo-walker ;-)
In the last years I learned that a visit to a cafe, a gallery or some other nice places with one or two more persons could be more relaxing than with a large amount of photo addicted people with different things on their mind running around like a pack of over excited dogs. There might also be an opportunity to take a great photo, but it is not in important in the first line. You can focus better on a few people and have some great conversations about the inspiration, philosophy, content or any other topics than gear, firmware updates and bargains. This will free your mind. Maybe you meet with some other people to do a project or interviewing each other for your blog. This could be more fruitful than a photo-walk with all that gear-talk and confusion.

But don´t get me wrong. If you want to meet other people than go an join a photo walk. But don expect too much from it.

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