Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The newest and hottest $cameramanufacturer$ rumor

is that there is a new tool coming today that will deliver great images.

The name of the tool? (drum-roll!)


Yeah! Creativity is always there if your need it. You can trigger it with a second feature that is on the list:


"But from where can I get that inspiration you are talking about?"

That is easy. You can gain it from nearly every place and time you can imagine. Just look around you. What can you do with the things that are surrounding your at the moment? What can you do with the camera you actually holding in your hands? Don´t think too much about it.

pssst! want to buy some inspiration?
Instead of dreaming of cameras and other gadgets you can go out and get some inspiration now. Even at a nice cafĂ© or at work there are thousands of ideas waiting for you. And you don´t need the latest shit to make something great out of your new inspirations. You can even use your phone to take some nice photos that are worth to be hanged to a wall.

 photos taken with my Galaxy Note 3

Don´t wait for things to happen or a new camera model. Go out and create something with the camera you already own. That will satisfy you. If you desire a certain camera then buy it. But nothing is holding you back from creating great photos with the tools you already own.


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