Thursday, 3 December 2015

The vast emptiness of space

Today I woke up with a bad mood. I was laying in my bed thinking about the whole universe and the meaning of life. I felt that vast emptiness inside me. A universe that exploded from nothing, expanding for no reason (no one told me why). Why are we doing all these things every day? I don´t know. Maybe I am trapped in this endless philosophical loop. 

But how can you get out of there? A buddhist would say you need some meditation to leave the loop and drain your mind to get out of this hamster wheel.

This is where photography can help you gaining ground again. You can work on older photos. Do a photobook or just go out and take some more with your camera. This will help you escaping the game.

Just think about this experience as a chance to reflect on new topics through art. Even the dark feelings about emptiness can lead to interesting new things if you learn how to deal with them. 

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