Thursday, 14 January 2016

Can you tell the difference?

Every year the camera manufacturers releasing new cameras. They claim that the new one will take better photos than the predecessor because of new sensors, better noise reduction and other nice scientific developments and discoveries. I think that it is great that digital photography gets better every day. Mankind always try to improve things. But from an artist and taoist perspective it is not that important for us. 

A photo remains a photo. And the changes are in technology are small and doesn't matter in real life. The only exception are special things that can only be archived with new technology (just thing of the possibilities of ultra high ISO etc.). But if you mostly shoot at normal conditions, like people did 30 years ago on film, you won´t see any real difference.

Lets have a looks at these two photos I took:

Both images were taken with the XF 27 at 2.8 (1/160 / ISO 1250) freehand. Can you tell me which one was made with the X-PRO1. I think this example will show us how small the visual difference are. You will find less noise by looking at the hundred percent "pixel peep" view of one of the two images. The colors also look slightly different (I used raw and applied the same provia-preset to both of them). 

Does it make a real difference? When you print them and hang them to a wall, will there be anyone who would say: "Hey! That photo is taken with an older camera without a 14 bit sensor? I can see that in  the shadow details!". I don´t think so.

X-PRO1 or X-T1?
If you feel sad because you own just an older camera like the X-PRO1 then look at this video:

Have you seen the video? What a fantastic camera, isn´t it? 

This is what Eric Kim always writes a lot of articles about. Don´t be a victim to G.A.S. and see your camera as a creative tool. If you think your camera is outdated than lock it away and try one or two weeks to live without it. Watch old reviews of your camera (Zack Arias does a great job on the X-PRO1) and then use the camera again and experience how great this "old" camera is.

I don´t want to stop from buying a new camera. If you have the money and want to buy this damn new thing...just do it! But you may also spend the money on a great vacation or other immaterial things. This article is meant to help you to think about photography and your role in this whole world of marketing. Sometimes you need a break and concentrate on what is real important thing:

taking the photos you love!



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