Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I don't have enough money for an exhibition!

Constraint will boost you creativity. A good example is organizing an exhibition. I hear a lot of people complaining about having not enough resources or money to do an exhibition.

Stop here and think what an exhibition is: presenting your selected work to a certain audience. 

I know that you have pictures in your mind about people hanging around at the opening day wearing french hats and sipping on a glass of campaign or white wine. But this is the expensive movie version of how it looks like. It's a cliche, nothing more. And for this cliche you need a gallery or a room and some money to make high quality prints and frames to hang your images to a wall. Not suitable for everyone.

Do you really need that? Imagine the street artists who use the public space to exhibit their work by gluing and painting directly to the wall. I know that this form of exhibition is illegal. But in a certain way it will work for you without violating the law.

laser portrait of a book store owner!
Do you really need a super duper fine print to show your photography to other people? From twenty to thirty centimeters away no one will really complain about the quality. The contents of the image counts. I use a color laser printer to print some of my work and glue it to public places like toilet doors, under bridges etc. with ordinary tape. And I am also planning to do a public exhibition in a busy place. All you need is some paper and tape.

With simple laser prints it is easy to hang your photos to a wall. If someone complains you just take them off and everything is fine. You can do it alone or with other photographers. Just for fun.

Go for the simple solution. Don't think there is only one way to do it because you saw it elsewhere. Do it here and now your own way and enjoy it.



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