Friday, 15 January 2016

Keep you social media account clean

Some years ago I deleted my accounts at flickr, facebook, google+ (it´s empty) and other social media websites. They were too distracting and eating up my precious life time I need to do more important things than that. Some months ago I decided to start a blog about photography and opened up a twitter account to get in contact with other photographers to share information and get some inspiration.

From the first day I tried to avoid mixing personal stuff too much with my artist personality in my blog or at twitter. I also wanted to keep out politics, news and other things that have nothing to do with photography. That will only generate a new time eating monster that will haunt me and lead to a labyrinth of things and thoughts I can't handle in my short precious lifetime. I don´t need that anymore in my life. 

keep it clean
It will also pollute your twitter account. From time to time I get new followers. When I have the time I look at their twitter profiles to follow them back if they offer any interesting photos, essays or other stuff that has to do with photography. 

So I'm browsing through their timeline to see whats in there. Many times there is really nothing created by the owner of the profile or the account says it is about photography but you will find hundreds of useless tweets, retweets without any content close to this topic and you know that your timeline will be polluted with this stuff if you follow this user and your car will be lost in a big city traffic jam full of disturbing content.

If you look a my profile you will find mainly content that has to do with photography. I retweet selected things I really like to share with other people and I upload photos and provide links to my self written blog articles. It is a clean profile without any distraction only focused on photography. Nothing more.

If you want to say more to your audience than get yourself a second account. Try to split things to make them more digestible for other people and avoid the clutter that the internet is suffering so badly from. See it also as a taoist, buddhist (insert your favorite philosophy or religion here) exercise to be more focused on what you are mainly doing. Enjoy the simple things...the essence!

Freedom also means less distraction. Don't lose yourself in a jungle of information and endless entertainment. Do it like a real photographer. Don't show thousands of photos. Only show some hand picked images with a special meaning. 



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