Tuesday, 26 January 2016

New gear: the Polaroid snap! Is it suitable for travel and street photography?

Sometimes you need some inspiration from low end tools to add some spice and fun to the game. Polaroid is offering such a gadget that is very limited in the possibilities but simple to use on the other end. Perfect for the streets.

One thing first: I don´t get paid by Polaroid and I bought this white thing with my own money. I tried to contact the marketing department because I like this simple product, but I've heard nothing back from the big P for the last four weeks. Maybe they are too busy for this kind of stuff at the moment. But that doesn't mean I want you to buy this thing because it's hip or something else. Don't be a marketing victim ;-)

I want to know if this camera with all its possibilities and limitations is suitable for travel and street photography. The Polaroid snap is an instant camera (like the Fujifilm Instax) that uses zink coated paper for printing the images. The photos have a bit more details than chemical films back in the days or with the up-to-date Instax format but they are sometimes lacking a bit of vivid colors. But there is not perfect instant camera on the market.

the magnetic cap protects the lens and you from shooting
with it attached!

my first test-shot with the snap
The usage of this camera is simple: remove the lens cap (without you can't take a photo) and press on the viewfinder so it rises up to its final position. I love the simple concept of a look through viewfinder without an LCD display on the back of the cam. After you framed your shot you press the red shutter release button. After that the camera will instantly start to print the image out of a slit on the right side.

There are also buttons and functions to change the color-mode (b&w, old, normal), add frames and a self-timer (not so interesting for me). With the integrated slot for an micro sd-card you can save the images as JPG-files.

I will try this camera in the streets and use it as an instant format on my next vacation. The zink prints are also stickers you can glue into a logbook, on your fridge or at a wall. The used adhesive is very strong and sticks from edge to edge.

What also influenced my decision to buy this camera is the fact that the zink paper is more environmentally friendly that the toxic instant film other brands are using. You can also cut the paper and it is scratch and water resistant.

I will come back later with a real life review of this camera.



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