Thursday, 28 January 2016

Polaroid snap: first images from the streets

This morning I grabbed my snap and put it into my messenger bag. On the train I did my first shot without flash (I was covering the flash-hole with a finger) of another passengers hands. The resulting shot was a bit blurry, because there was not enough light. But the resulting print looks great.

Three shots arranged together
When I arrived at my destination I stopped at a little kiosk with all that blinking led signs at the door. The light was dimmed but the camera did a great job in creating a low-fi variant of the scene. I love the reflection of the lights in the wet area on the floor and colors are also great. I don't need correct or "realistic" colors. That is not the aim of this kind of instant photography.

The last shot i took is a man walking upstairs. Behind him is a wall where someone tried to remove all the illegal artistic stuff with chemicals. A game they can't win, because someone left his tags on the chemical treated wall again. I aimed at this scene from below to create a vanishing point upwards and the camera performed also well on this scene.

It's also a digital camera

I also inserted an SD card into the camera yesterday so the images are also get stored there for later use. The quality is okay for a 100-dollar-camera with no buttons and controls to change the exposure, ISO or other parameters. And this is what I love about this camera. It is simple to use and you can't do anything but pressing the shutter release button. The viewfinder is far far faaar away from being accurate, but it is fun to look through this little rectangle and freeze the moment without being guided by a high-tech screen with thousands of information etc.

the digital (master)version of the print
Most people see this camera (and instant film) as a fun gadget, but I think it is a camera like all the other cameras on the market. It has limitations and that is the most important point for me. The resulting constraint leads to new ideas and possibilities to explore photography from a different point of view.

And don't forget: every camera has it's limitations.

I will continue to "snap" photos out in the streets and post the results here on my blog.



Some more images:

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