Saturday, 16 January 2016

Quick links: January 2016

The snow outside (yes...real snow) tells me to stay inside the house and have a good cup of hot tea and some chocolate.

So this might be a good reason to share some links with you:

  1. a great video about Vivian Maier I found on youtube - it tells her story and thoughts with a voice that could be hers. The video is well made and full of her work.
  2. street photographer Fabian Schreyer - a great portfolio full of colorful photographs
  3. Kevin Broadberry - a street photographer from Denmark doing raw and close shots
  4. Max Martino - and his great real life review of the new born Fuji X-PRO2. I am always looking for real reviews without unboxing and hours of talking (while holding the camera in hands).
  5. NEOPRIME Mag - I love people who try to curate things and put them together in a high quality print. I like the concept of this magazine. They gather tagged photos from social media for every issue.

life is a mystery

Done! Five points are enough to start a little click adventure.




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