Tuesday, 5 January 2016

You are not close enough for real street photography!

There are many street photographers praying that you have to be close to take a serious image in the streets. I think it is just one shade of the whole thing. I don´t want to limit street photography to one style only.

And if your are a shy person there is nothing wrong with it. There many opportunities to take great photos in the streets without getting too close. Think about all the great photos were people get lost in a crowd or being related to architecture etc. (the fast moving bicycle taken by Henry Cartier Bresson). As I wrote in this article "Street photography should be like this!? (Follow your own road)" there are no rules. Don´t think that you have to do it a certain way.

Here is are some example images that are not taken very close:

people lost in architecture
a group driving strange vehicles
people walking in front of a great backdrop
So go out into the streets and try to take photos that make your hearth bump when you look at them.

Stay foolish...stay hungry!




  1. I think that can apply to many of the 'rules' of street photography.

    - No cropping
    - Get in close
    - Don't cut off body parts
    - Must include people
    - Photos must be candid, everything else is portraiture
    - No shooting from the hip
    - No back of the head
    - No billboards
    - No company names / branding
    - Wide angle lenses only. The wider the better.

    1. For sure!

      I just picked out one topic that is more of a social issue than composition. In my last articles I wrote about color or b&w and the unwritten rules.

      I think it is more a problem of personal taste.

      Thank you for the comment and have a great day!