Thursday, 18 February 2016

important things to do around photography

What would photography without all the individuals who curate, publish and exhibit images around the world. Look at the many collectives and communities that have formed inside and outside the web. There was always an idea to do a certain thing to exchanges views, spread news, create collections or just to push things further. You will always find people who are not only interested in their own creations, who want to go beyond. They gather other interested people and start something to support what they are enthusiastic about.

finding the right way...
We need those people because they build up structures and places we can use to connect, share and exhibit etc. So if you are feeling you should start something then go on with it. Don't lean back and think that someone else will doing it. Start it now and enjoy the process of doing it.

I just started recently with a new magazine about street photography and the process was so rewarding. I met some great enthusiastic photographers over the internet (and the fantastic Giuseppe and his wife in person in Dublin). The result was important at the end but it was more the journey with all the experiences that lead to real satisfaction and new ideas. After starting a new magazine and holding the first issue in my hands I had so many ideas for the next one. I got some great feedback from the other featured photographers and many new outstanding submissions from all around the world and that means making new contacts (and maybe friends) and gain new experiences. How awesome is that?

I don't mind how many magazines I sold at the end of the day. I started the whole thing as a print on demand sold at cost price. So there is no pressure of reaching a specific goal or just make a certain amount of money. The only thing that drives me forward is to create and share a great visual experience for me, the featured artists and readers, having a good time together.

So if you have that feeling that something is something about it!



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