Tuesday, 9 February 2016

More polaroid snap photos taken in the streets

After two weeks with my new polaroid snap I have some more photos to share. The format and the zero ink printing technology give you some new options to play with. When you look at the third and fourth shot you see that I tried to play with a picture in picture scheme. This would also be great for portraits to tell a story etc. The prints are also water and scratch resistant stickers you can glue in a travel log or on a wall etc.

I think this camera is still a great companion in the streets to create simple printouts (or on SD card) or enjoying a simple camera with nearly no control over exposure or aperture. The simple viewfinder has the look and feel of one used in a disposable camera. I will continue to use this camera in the streets, at events on travels. I hope that Polaroid will listen to reportage and street photographers one day and support them in the future with some more products (as I mentioned here).

Don't forget: this medium has it's limitations and a different look and feel. Just play with it and feel like being a child again! Limitations lead to new creativity!

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