Monday, 1 February 2016

Things I would like to see in future Polaroid snap models

The Polaroid snap is a great camera to use in the streets, at parties, as a visual diary or on any other occasion. The prints have their own distinctive look and feel and the can be used as (scratch resistant and waterproof) stickers without any hazardous chemicals in the paper like you find in  instant film. This camera is the first plastic made product that feels unique and special. It has this beautiful look with rounded edges and the viewfinder is simple and easy to use. After using the camera for one week now I have some things that should be fixed in the next model (and there is a next model with an LCD screen coming this year) to make this camera even better for using it in the streets.

Here is my wishlist for the future:

  • faster startup-time - it takes a long time after opening the viewfinder until the camera is ready (5-8 seconds)
  • flash control - a simple way to control the flash and set it to differnet modes
  • long exposure mode - to play with light etc.
  • a simple way to re-print the last shot - because I want to give away a photo without taking two shots
And now I describe my dream camera with this technology:

My dream camera would be a simple rangefinder style camera with a better lens and sensor for taking photos is low light. There is no need for a display (keep it simple). Everything can be adjusted with manual dials. There is a center weighted exposure with a compensation dial, so there would be a pro Polaroid camera that produces street photos that are also usable right from the SD card.

I think Polaroid is not getting enough attention for this great product. It is even a nice little add-on for street photographers because it limits the photographer so he can focus more on the composition. The printout is cheaper and puts more focus on the content than on resolution or correct colors. I think this camera is a great addition to my camera bag.



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