Sunday, 7 February 2016

Why print on demand is a great invention

I recently started a magazine via blurb and the good thing is that blurb is a platform that prints each book or magazine after someone ordered it. This is the best thing ever happened to me and the rest of whole world of arts. My father in law owns a part of a little publishing company that sells mostly scientific books. He also publishes his own books about local history in his hometown. He always need to pay a certain amount of money in advance for at least three hundred copies and has the risk of being unsuccessful wich means to loose nearly all the money he invested into the project and sitting on a pile of unsold books.

print for the most important person: you!

If you don´t do this for a living it is great that there is a service that allows you to order just one copy for your own pleasure.  And that is the great thing about it. You don´t have to care about other people and you don´t have to please them. It is great if someone else likes your stuff and also buys a copy, but it is not important. So there is no need to be successful and all the social media marketing buzz you need to go through to archive the goal. You can just do it.

The same goes with the new Street_Spot magazine I've launched together with other great street photographers. We don't need to be successful and need to sell a certain amount of copies to meet the break even point. There is no risk. We can share good photography among each other and enjoy great visual content printed on high quality paper. We are also getting more in contact with each other and exchange thoughts and maybe meet each other for real on vacations. As Confucius said a long time ago: "The journey is the reward". The process of selection and creation is great. To get so much positive feedback from other photographers and receiving their well chosen images that need to be fitted well on the blank pages. And at the end you hold a real printed magazine in your hands. How awesome is that? Imagine such a technology twenty five years back in time?

So what is holding you back to create some great visual content printed on real paper, just for your own pleasure? Start now!



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