Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Why should you buy the new X-PRO2?

I wrote some articles about the X-PRO1/2 in the past. I mentioned there that you don´t need to upgrade your camera if you're happy with it. Maybe you spend the money on travel, prints or some more lenses.

If you are starting from the scratch or need a faster and better camera I will tell you why this camera is perfect for you:

  1. the rangefinder style - if you shooting street or reportage etc. it is great to use a camera that won't cover your whole face to maintain eye contact with your subject (this is not the case with the X-T1)
  2. faster auto focus even in near dark environments - I often missed a shot because of this with my X100s, X-PRO1 (but you can also use an X-T1)
  3. weather sealing - in conjunction with a water proof lens you can now do some shots without fearing a malfunction inside your precious camera
  4. more responsive - the faster cpu will make this camera more like an analog one where everything happens when you press a button without too many lagging
  5. ISO dial - if you are a manual shooter who is allergic to menus (like me sometimes) this will be a great solution
  6. better sensor - if you need less noise and more light and the ability to do larger prints this camera is also worth the money because it is the first one with more pixel count
  7. OVF - with the more reliable auto focus it is pure fun to use this thing. I use it quite often because I love to shoot without looking on a screen with the ability to see what is coming into the frame (also great for panning shots etc.)
There may be some more features that may be interesting for you, but these features are not as important for me if I would do a switch. The placements of buttons or a joystick are nice changes but I don't need them to shoot better photos. A fast (nearly) lag free camera with less ISO noise and a faster auto focus is more important to take photos in certain situations.

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