Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Hang your cam around the neck...with the sailor strap!

Today I found an envelope in my mailbox. The long awaited Sailor Strap has arrived from Poland with love.

The design is simple and useful. The round sailor rope feels great on your skin and has a strong and sturdy look and feel. It looks even better attached to a retro camera like a Fuji, Leica or an Olympus for example. After I applied it to my camera I was ready to set sails into the streets ;-)

If you're interested in getting one than look on this website:



PS: I am not getting payed by the creator of this handcrafted strap. I just want to share the things I like with you. You won't find any affiliate links etc. on my blog. I keep this free of any banners and other things that have to do with money!

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